Boy Meets Girl

It was in February of 2003, just before the start of spring semester at the University of Delaware, when Allie decided to visit with friends in a neighboring dorm. As they talked about their long winter breaks and gossiped about other students, Brian was preparing for a night out and as usual, sauntered by his friends' dorm room in only a towel after leaving the showers. He gave a quick hello to his dorm-mates and offered a smirk they had grown used to seeing. However, Allie happened to be in the room this time and the smirk was not lost on her. Later that night at a party down the street, the two got to know each other and soon became friends.

The couple dated on and off for the next few years until graduation when Brian moved back home to the Delaware beaches where he began working as a newspaper reporter in Ocean City, MD. Allie on the other hand moved to Silver Spring, MD, for a high-school counseling job in Washington, D.C. As they pursued their careers they continued to stay in touch and would occasionally travel to visit one another. It wasn't until New Year's Day in 2009, after spending the weekend together in D.C. with friends, that they decided to give their relationship another chance.

Over the next few years, Brian and Allie spent countless hours communting back and forth to visit one another. It was then in June of 2010 that Brian gave up his life at the beach, leaving behind family and friends, to move to Maryland for a new job and a life closer to the one he loved. Finally, on July 1, 2011, Brian and Allie went for a bike ride at sunset along the bay. As the couple sat on a dock watching the sun sink below the horizon, Brian dropped down to one knee and asked Allie if she would be his wife.